Dose for Excel 3.5.6 Crack + Keygen Full Version Free Download 2021

Dose for Excel 3.5.6 Crack + Keygen Full Version Free Download

Dose for Excel Crack

Dose for Excel 3.5.6 Crack is a crucial Excel Add-In to Compare Sheets, Auto Backup, Date Picker, Trim Spaces, Merge, Split, and more. It adds More Than 100 Advanced Functions And Features For Microsoft Excel. It is an important, handy device for you to clarify all these complicated tasks in a few clicks. It gives more than +100 advanced new functions and characteristics added into the Excel ribbon for your careless use. For example, you can export sheets immediately, merge cells or rows or columns without losing data, explains assistant, count cells by color, advanced built-in formulas, advanced built-in functions, auto backup your workbooks quickly. Dose for Excel simply will save you time and effort.

Dose For Excel Crack is a great utility editor that helps you to perform multiple hard tasks on spreadsheets. You can easily use it with Microsoft Excel and combine its main features with the traditional ones. Its editor’s functions allow you to work on many projects simultaneously. We all know Microsoft Excel as the handy—and infinitely complex—spreadsheet application that we just can’t seem to escape from. For those grappling with creating a sense of all its cells and formulas, Dose for Excel analyses your program with more than 100 time-saving features. Housed within an intuitive editing tab, Dose’s device allows you to streamline your Excel to-dos easily. You can quickly export sheets; merge cells, rows, or columns without losing data; quickly switch between workbooks and more without getting lost in the clutter. Dose for Excel may be a feature-rich add-in meant for Microsoft company Shine in life, which unfortunately will let you function attributes instantly, that would Work in various workbooks & switch between them without getting lost. Turn your book to fullscreen for more convenient reading. Use the reading layout to see specific cells quickly. Save time by using built-in systems without having to code.

Dose for Excel Download:

  • First of all, download the most advanced version of Dose for Excel from Fill.
  • You can find all accessible download choices for your PC and laptop.
  • Then, take your suitable installer (64 bit, 32 bit, portable, offline, .. etc.) and save it to your device.
  • After that, begin the installation means by a repeated click on the downloaded setup installer.
  • Now, security will appear inquiring you to confirm the installation. Click, yes.
  • Finally, follow the directions supplied by the installer until you see verification of a successful installation. Usually, a Finish Button and “installation completed successfully” message.


  • Delete rows (blank, empty cell, an absolute value, duplicated rows, and hidden rows);
  • Split (first and last words, words separated by);
  • Remove spaces (leading, trailing, all, extra);
  • Remove characters or numbers from cells;
  • Insert before or after cell values;
  • Random generator (numbers, strings, date, lists, etc…);
  • Delete columns;
  • Merge (cells into one, merge rows, merge columns);
  • Auto backup your Excel files on open or on-demand;
  • Export sheets into separate workbooks;
  • Sort sheets by alphanumeric or date;
  • Navigation: list all opened papers, and their worksheets then navigate easily and fast to any of them.

Why Dose For Excel Can Help:

  • The excellent solution for Excel document management is inside this simple utility, dubbed Dose For Excel. There are many features and additional options for users who are always using Excel spreadsheets for projects or just daily. Employing its full package of functions, you can delete, split, merge, edit columns or cells, generate backups and work with old Excel documents too. Furthermore, you can change words to lower/upper case. Among other functions, you can adjust the size of the work area, and also use an integrated assistant, if you add/edit comments for specific cells/columns.

Dose for Excel Work

    • Delete rows: entire negative lines, at least one empty cell or twin rows, or with a specific value.
    • Bright spaces: exclude leading, trailing, additional terms, or all fields.
    • Cells values: advanced Merge and split cells with many features.
    • Filter by exceptional data filters.
    • Row-to-column: give it easy to view long row data.
    • Cell color assistant: make your custom cell format (back color, forecolour, borders, text alignment, font size, font bold, etc.)
    • which you can use whenever you work on excel all the time.

System Requirements:

  • Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, or 2007
  • Office 365 with Dose for Excel in the menu

Product Key:

  • ASC34-NHJ09-MKHG9-XZ520-BDWQ5
  • QSX34-98GF5-01RF6-098KH-ZDF12
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